Hi, I'm Paulina.

I was born in beautiful Poland, came to Germany to study and stayed maybe forever. I studied political science, economy and organizational psychology, but I've always been passionate about the digital world. That's probably why I've worked for software companies for the last 15 years. 

I was lucky to find Jimdo where I've learned a ton of stuff and met the most amazing people. I was promoted there twice, directly after each of my maternity leaves. Yes, it is possible. After 9 years, in the middle of the pandemic, I've decided that it's time to move on and took over a new role at FFW.

In the meantime, I founded Eternitree to protect my most important memories. 

Extremely resilient, inquisitive and quite courageous. Positive by default; always asking "when can we start?". Sorting through the clutter to find the best route and always putting myself out there, because I believe that action is the best device for learning. 

I have two children (6 and 4 years old), a dog and too little time to explore all the topics I would like to explore. As movement is a part of my DNA, you can find me running half-marathons in nature, traveling or... on the dancefloor. I am also currently somewhat obsessed with sailing.

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

A blink of an eye. That's all we have...

A tribute to my Mother

I lost her in October 2020 to cancer, 6 months after the diagnosis. She was only 61.

She was a fighter. She went through 6 chemo sessions, 3 operations and hundreds of examinations all alone due to Covid restrictions. Needless to say, we also couldn't be at her side during her last hours. 

She loved children & animals - she was a teacher her whole life. During her funeral we went under the tunnel of white roses that her pupils held. Over the years we had 5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parrots, an aquarium, a turtle and she has even adopted a horse once.

She was a singer and a pianist - for years she sang in the awarded choir and made me love music. I still remember her fingers on our piano playing "The skaters Waltz Op. 183" by Émile Waldteufel.

She was also a great cook - I have her cook book and I hope I can digitalize it one day. 

She was the best Mum & Grandma - so warm, caring, accepting, encouraging, bold and independent. Always shining and full of life with her fire red hair and calm smile. Her name was Barbara. I just wanted you to meet her. 

My Grandfather - Eugeniusz Ryters

My first and biggest fan, who loved me more than anything else until the very end. He made me dream big, reach for the stars, believe that I can be whoever I want to be. He was a king of life - always in the spotlight, always smiling and in a good mood, joking even on his death bed, which to be honest was quite soothing while I was at his side.

Today I am quite surprised what values he had taught me, even though he himself was in a very old-fashioned kind of marriage. You know, the type, in which the man makes money and woman stays home and takes care of everything alone. He didn't want this for me and I'm endlessly thankful for his input and encouragement.

He passed away in July 2019. He was almost 97.

My Mentor - Yann Gontard

My first boss, mentor and a dear friend who has had a huge influence on my career choices and self-confidence. He encouraged me (and hundreds of others) to celebrate life, face and overcome my fears and improve continuously. Covid took him way too early in March 2021. He was only 52.

We both believed that ironman is a state of mind; a lifestyle based on everyday consequent self-development. That there is always a solution and that we shouldn't be afraid to fail. We believed in the power of the team spirit, the spirit of service and the spirit of progress. We believed that you have to squeeze as much as you can out of life, because it's really short and not much remains after us. 

Never panic. Never drown. Never surrender.